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does the story end for this update when ambrosia tells us about our mother ?

You can download the walkthrough. But after that wait until evening. Your first client will be waiting in the office. After that you have to wait for next

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There is a discord for the non-patreon?

Not yet. I'm considering it tough. But it will come eventually.

A mi me aparece esto, please necesito ayuda, cómo hago?

Sry but I don't speak Spanish. But I assume you want to know why you can't buy her.

It's the end of the version wait for next update

i faced an issue i dont know if its with just me or with everyone but i had to delete the day 2 version to get 0.01 version

jup. Like I wrote in the devlog :any savegame after the Riffa bathhouse  scene is useless, since basically day 2 has been deleted and it has been turned into a freeroam game.  That's why later savegames are not working cause it's a different script.

Nah I think he meant he had to uninstall. I did too (I'm on android). Wasn't a problem though, I wanted to start it again anyway. It's a lot cleaner now and was worth it. 

ah I c.

Next update will be heavier on the content. Thx for playing.

yes thats what i was trying to say

First of all the game is good but could u add mega download from next update as it makes game easier to download even google drive will work better than chrome download

mega links are on the Patreon page

2 mins into the game and you gotta whip out your dong out for mana 

I have huge respect for game creators, and considering this is a free nsfw game I understand the need for haste 

However, imo, despite the plot being endearing, the initial execution simply makes the two first characters unlikable af and I hope you address that in your coming update

Besides that and the eye watering font used, the game looks great, and the work you've put in is stellar, I wish you the best


First of all, let me thank you for playing my game and and giving me some feedback. 

"However, imo, despite the plot being endearing, the initial execution simply makes the two first characters unlikable af and I hope you address that in your coming update."

This is not the first time I'm reading this.  Please understand that this is my first game and I was checking the waters ◉‿◉, trying to figure out what would appeal to you guys. I have read some harsh things, but it only makes me wanna tweak my game to the point I can truly be proud.

 I can tell you  the execution will definitely be different. Progress with the girls will be slower. if you want to do the "double whopper",  you'll have to do some work and build up relationships with the main characters. 

Thx again,  and I hope you'll continue playing my game.

Played it, enjoyed it, loved the Blackclaw women...Nekos hold a special place for me amongst demi-humans....Vera was my fav honestly of the 3....but I like the amazonian type....but this game is amusing thus far, and I am looking forward to the revamped version coming out this coming month! Keep up the awesome work!


This game is quite interesting demi-human are the best part in eroge.

played full day 2 its amazing  waiting for day 3


There won't be a day 3 the next update will be a v0.01 because of the massive changes. For more info check Patreon.

does this include femdom female domination

Not planning any femdom at the moment, but who knows what the future holds ;p

I keep getting the Day one when I try to download day 2   ???

Release dates for Day 2

Lucky/Lover Tier January 19th

Follower/Superfan January 22nd

Supporter January 23rd

Public Release January 24th

cool no worries

I have encountered a sound problem in this game is there a way to fix it?

No Sounds yet. Wait for day 2. More info's and release dates on Patreon

When I downloaded this game I didn't realise how new it was especially because when I started the game it said it was made for older versions of android Soni assumed it had a lot of content unfortunately it does not however I am very interested in this game... I really hope it turns out a lot like "Harem Hotel" just with a shit load of none humans (human are fine) 

Constructive criticism/feedback

1..would definitely love to see more content soon this game peaked my interest and I feel it has potential for a great story as well.

2. It's my personal preference but I do like Lighter skin girls such as the Witch and not much Darker then the Kate lady you first meet in the kitchen, just my preference and I noticed a lot of darker tones then I am uses to seeing in other "Erotic Visual novels ".

3. Please let me smash that Fire fox girl, the game is to knew to tell but I am hoping a part of the games main plot is eventually Ruling over that works and eventually being able to make everyone your server or at least fuck everyone and still be long of the world hehehe (I'm a fucked up bastard)

Love to see more soon mate this has definitely peaked my interest especially if it's anything close or like "Harem Hotel" even if it's not as emotional :)

Looking great so far :)

Are there Cheat codes ?

No there aren't

aww.. you mean i Have to actually do stuff  ?  lol

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How exactly am I supposed to get the APK file to play the game? The zip file method makes downloading the game a huge pain. I can't find any APK file or any kind of way to even extract the app for Android and there's no instructions on here as to how to get the right file. Like I extracted the zip but there's no APK file or any file compatible with mobile at all


check the patreon page.. you can dl the apk seperatly.